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All of our horses have great ground manners, trailer easily, bathe, lead, tie, etc.


Name: Pop Star sold


Age: 4 years

Height 14.3 H

Color: Chocolate Silver Dapple

Price: $7500





Feel free to bring your saddle when you have interest in a horse and we will help you check the fit of your saddle on that horse. Saddle fit is vital for the comfort of your horse, and therefore your relationship and success with your horse. If your companion is in pain every time you ride, and it keeps getting more painful, he will start acting "odd", or unwilling, etc. We want you to have a happy, successful relationship with your new horse.

DO NOT buy "gaited horse" saddles. Most are too narrow and do not fit fox trotters. Fox trotters have very big shoulders and require Full Quarterhorse Bars or WIDE trees.

  • The Missouri trainers show their horses with the TexTan Hereford Gold Cutter saddle. They know what they are doing.
  • For fabric saddles, the Abetta Cordura with Full Quarterhorse bars so far fits all our fox trotters.
  • If you like the Tucker saddle, it must have their newer WIDE tree, and then it does not fit all fox trotters. Try it first.
  • Synergist saddles with the WIDE tree generally fit well.
  • Hedgepeth Easyride saddle is extremely comfortable, and their tree with the 7" gullet fits great.


You receive a free bit with your horse. It is MILDER than a snaffle and is your key to maintaining your fox trotter's natural, smooth gaits.

Why? When you ride a non-gaited horse at the walk, using a snaffle, his head moves and you must follow that motion with your hands. Fox trotters have a big, rapid head bob and the extra play in the bit you receive allows you to hold your hands still while the horse's head is moving, with no discomfort to the horse. With a plain snaffle you will frequently hurt your horse's mouth and he will learn to stop bobbing his head and alter his gait to compensate.

Updated 5/30/15